Our Clients

At BCS Wealth Management we believe that clients are best served by our fully customized, high-touch wealth management services.

High Net Worth Individuals

Whether you are individually wealthy, a business owner, trustee, or corporate executive, BCS can help you grow/protect/transfer your wealth and provide you with the services you need for peace of mind.

Ultra High Net Worth Individuals & Families

With greater wealth comes greater complexity. BCS is well-versed in tackling asset management, reporting, advanced trust and estate techniques and, other special situations for individuals or families.

Athletes & Entertainers

The financial needs and challenges of this group can often differ vastly from the majority of the population. Athletes and entertainers flourish within a team atmosphere. When dealing with the stability of their finances, it is no different.

The career path of this demographic can change at a moment’s notice. We help individuals manage their assets to plan for their future. Times will change and BCS has the personal experience and insight to help you through these changes.

Divorced Clients

Divorce presents an entirely new set of challenges, both from a familial and financial perspective. BCS specializes in helping clients navigate through any/all of the financial stages of divorce.