Your life, assets and goals are distinct. BCS provides the personalized customer service to match. As Certified Financial Planners, Fiduciaries and Chartered Financial Analysts, our experienced professionals are equipped to advise you on a path to realize your future goals.

Asset Management

BCS believes in the principles of asset allocation by diversifying investments across the major asset classes. Mixing these classes helps mitigate risk and provides the best opportunity to capture returns.

When it comes to equities, BCS selects stocks that provide the best prospects for your long term financial goals, looking to maximize return while minimizing risk based upon each client’s specific financial picture, goals, and risk tolerance.

The fixed income portion of a client’s portfolio is also customized. BCS assesses each instrument based on a number of factors to find the right mix for each situation. Consistent monitoring and rebalancing of the portfolio keeps it in line with the objective.

Financial Planning

Creating an effective plan incorporates a number of personal factors. To find that balance, we analyze your assets, liabilities, and goals to ensure that your investments are in line with your objectives and risk tolerance as well as making sure you are on track to achieve your financial goals.

BCS helps map out the necessary steps for the different stages of your life, setting up a comfortable retirement and providing for your legacy.


Insurance is about mitigating risk. At its core, you will pay a premium to have that risk assumed by another party. Knowing what to insure and for how much is not as simple as just picking a policy. You could end up spending more than necessary or not recognizing a potential risk only to have it remain uncovered. What will you do in the face of the loss of an asset or income stream?

Having the appropriate insurance on your side leads to peace of mind. Our team works with insurance professionals who know how to address each unique situation. We can help put your total financial health at the forefront with customized insurance solutions.

Divorce Management

The end of a marriage is a substantial undertaking. Having someone to help you through these sensitive, turbulent, and intimidating times, to look beyond emotion and make rational decisions and, to create and implement a strategy is a critical step in ensuring your financial stability. Whatever your situation, BCS can help you through any/all stages of the divorce process.

Trust & Estate Planning

Your accumulated wealth can do so much for your legacy. It can be a source of stability for your family, sometimes for generations to come. But, to make sure that it lasts and that it’s placed in the appropriate hands, you need a plan.

There are many factors to consider in setting up an appropriate trust and estate plan and each client’s wishes are different. BCS will work with you and your legal representatives to construct a blueprint that ensures your aspirations are met and that the disposition of your estate reflects your wishes.